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As a manager (or part of a management team) you have a lot of responsibilities, and that means a lot on your plate.

Why not try to remove some of these mundane tasks so you can focus on what’s important?

One way you can achieve this is by installing wall-mounted digital signage, and digital display screens both indoors and outdoor of your office.

By fitting out your workplace with these cutting-edge digital signage screens you’ll be able to improve your internal communication, keep your mobile workforce informed, improve your employer brand and boost employee morale.

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Improve Your Internal Communication

Communicating with your employees and team members is a key component of being a manager.

Within a workplace, there is a range of things that need to be communicated quickly and easily, so this needs to be concise, accurate, and error-free.

Internal messaging can be used for a wide range of different scenarios, such as safety compliance, upcoming deadlines, tasks, and future training programs.

The frequency that this messaging needs to be updated and changed will vary case by case, but incorporating digital signs can be instantly done when needed.

A digital signage software solution, such as Doohly, enables you to update highly visible, nearly unmissable information instantly from any device.

Let’s say there is a new policy for signing company property in and out. By having a reminder of this new policy displayed in a high-traffic area via wall-mounted digital signage, your team is much more likely to remember it and stick to it.

Not only are digital screens beneficial as a management tool, but by providing employees with access to specific digital display screens you can improve communication between teams.

By fixing these digital displays near meeting rooms and other bookable workspaces, you can create a booking system that everyone can easily access and take advantage of.

The cost associated with these use cases will vary, so we recommend doing some research. You can start here with our guide on setting up digital signage as a venue owner.

Whilst not exactly the same, it helps identify key pieces of the puzzle and rough costing.

Keeping Hybrid Employees Up To Date

Many workers have adapted to a new way of working since the pandemic, including adopting a hybrid approach. At times, this has made keeping on the go employees up to date a little harder.

These employees are constantly coming and going and might be missed when internal comms about the workplace are circulated.

Some of the messaging that this could include could be as simple as notifying people that certain equipment is out-of-order, or even when an office event is scheduled to happen.

By implementing wall-mounted digital signage and digital display screens you could solve this problem.

Employees can walk into the workplace and feel informed and up to date with everything that is happening via these screen displays.

These employees will feel both informed and also more involved and part of the team.

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Improve Employer Brand & Team Morale

Digital signage shouldn’t just be used to convey information on a black or white screen with boring text.

Digital display screens support high-quality images and videos and this should be taken advantage of. It’s simple and easy to do with free tools like Canva, or for more advanced users, tools like Photoshop.

Some ideas for content that could be created for your workplace include personalised birthday messaging, celebrating achievements, or even just showcasing people’s pets.

This can all be achieved through the use of content management systems that allow for this content to be used when you require it to.

Although not every workplace is a co-working space, some of the content ideas could still be used in more traditional workspaces such as showcasing the local weather or news.

By creating and displaying this content, you’re providing a fun and engaging workplace for your employees. This in turn will help boost employee morale and improve your brand as an employer.

If you want to find out more about using digital signage as a management tool, get in contact with the Doohly sales team.


Using Digital Signage as a Management Tool

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

Using Digital Signage as a Management Tool
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