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What is digital signage? It is a form of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising that has had huge advances in recent years. Thanks to Android-based systems' affordability and reliability many small businesses are starting to dabble in digital signage.

Why Android?

There are many reasons that digital signage is run through Android-based systems, in particular, cost, size and ease of use. As time has gone on these systems have become much more powerful, whilst also becoming much more affordable.

Android systems have also become quite a deal smaller, allowing for them to be stored more easily. The smaller form factor allows users to hide these devices in more creative manners without the need to sacrifice performance.

Android systems are also incredibly easy to use and installing the required digital signage software is simple. Being such a highly adopted platform means that there are many online guides and walkthroughs (including our own) for operating Android systems.

Low Cost

As a low-cost option for users of all levels from small local businesses to large enterprises can develop and deploy digital signage. These Android-based media players start at only $120 AUD and are capable of running a range of content for digital signage.

This low price point has lowered barriers to entry for people/companies looking to break into digital signage. It has also allowed countries such as Singapore to undertake digital signage transformations.

The benefits of digital signage are endless, and thanks to Doohly Player’s Android support, businesses can get started in minutes. When adding digital advertising to their marketing campaigns, businesses can see 33% more traffic and increase their leads by 10x.

Doohly digital signage on street

Device Examples

There is a large array of Android-based devices on the market that Doohly Player is compatible with, for example, Giada products.

We have tested the Doohly Player on a range of Giada Android devices (DN72, DN73, DN74, DN75) and can assure you of their capabilities.

The Doohly Player software is able to run on any device that is running Android version 7.1.

Doohly Player can be run on multiple different operating systems, and we strive to make digital signage accessible to everyone.

Low barriers to entry exist thanks to Android devices’ affordability and ease of use and we will continue to support the platform. Whilst we recommend contacting us to procure a Giada device, there are other options available to suit your needs.

If you would like a demo of the Doohly software, feel free to contact sales here.


Why Android Is Used In Digital Signage

Tue Jul 06 2021

Why Android Is Used In Digital Signage
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