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If your business or company is new to the wonderful world of digital signage, first of all - welcome!

It’s an amazing space for businesses and companies to be in as it’s an incredibly effective way to market and advertise a business.

However, how does digital signage content for a business or company ever see the light of day? This is done through what’s called a content management system or CMS.

Our blog will outline for you what a content management system is and why it’s necessary for digital signage in any business.

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What is Digital Signage CMS Software?

A content management system is responsible for the content at all stages starting with creation and ending in media player playback.

This makes it simple to organise and adjust your content at any time from one platform. As a business owner, this is incredibly convenient.

The best digital signage media player software available will come as part of a service from a digital signage company. This software is known as the content management system.

This enables simplicity in using your digital signage network and ensures your content is more effective.

Why Should You Use a CMS?

A CMS is a software platform provided by a digital signage company along with a user dashboard allowing users to manage their content in a quick and effective manner.

Each CMS and its various integrations such as Canva will determine which animations, resolutions, widgets, social media etc. your digital signage can display.

The benefits of using CMS software is that your business will avoid significant up-front capital investments while a digital signage company maintains your system for you.

This benefit alone has opened up the world of digital signage to so many more businesses than before due to lower costs, ease of use, and general accessibility to the product.

The costs involved will be dependent on how many licenses you require. However, if you are expecting significant growth across your business, you will almost certainly want that all-important flexibility to add and remove displays as your business grows.

How Does a CMS Organise Content?

There are a variety of ways to display your company’s content on your digital display screen. To begin with, you can take the simple approach by developing a list of different pieces of content and putting them in a specific order.

If you would like something more automatic, you can create rules for each piece of content as to when, where and for how long each one will be played thus creating a dynamic schedule.

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How Does a CMS Improve Digital Signage?

A CMS affords its users additional functions that improve your digital signage system through creating templates, network monitoring, remote management, user control and scalability.

This helps in producing an effective digital signage solution that effectively markets and advertises a business to those who matter most - the customers.

How Can You Store Your Digital Content?

When using a CMS, you won’t need to directly use your actual media software player to update your content because you’ll be doing it all from within the platform.

This is where you’ll make all the necessary changes to your content and it can be accessed through your user dashboard anywhere around the world.

Majority of CMS providers will store your unique content onto the hardware which ensures nothing is lost if an internet connection becomes slow or lost.

What Software is Required to Create Digital Signage Content?

Digital signage content can be created across a variety of software platforms that are both free & paid.

You can create something simple on a platform such as Canva on your computer, connect it to your display and you’ve got your content.

Depending on the digital signage content management system you’re working with, you may have access to HTML or After Affects which will allow you to create something more complex.

If you are new to digital signage content and are wanting to create something more complex for your video wall display, we’d recommend reaching out to a digital signage company for assistance.


Why Use a CMS for Digital Signage

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

Why Use a CMS for Digital Signage
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