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Digital signage is a form of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising that has had huge advances in recent years. It has become more affordable and many small businesses are starting to take the plunge.

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Digital signage is the way of the future for advertising for a variety of different businesses. Businesses can quickly and easily update it at a fraction of the cost of traditional signage. This allows businesses of all sizes to enter advertising marketing due to lower barriers to entry leading to affordability.

In this day and age, going digital is of vital importance and relevance to every industry. All businesses should be aware of the impact DOOH is having on the advertising market.

This post covers the basics of what digital signage is and how it is helping shape the advertising industry. We also explain three essential tips for businesses interested in starting their digital signage journey.

What Is Digital Signage

Digital signage is a method of advertising that allows an administrator to manage and distribute their signage content remotely. It is a form of digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) and has been around for decades. Starting in the 1990s, but has recently become much more affordable and effective.

What this means is that employees can spend less time doing the administrative role of deploying advertising media across a number of digital displays and updating signage and can focus more on creating digital signage content or completing other tasks.

Most forms of DOOH remove the need for technicians to go on-site and manually update content, reducing advertising costs.

Why Is Digital Signage Important

Digital signage is essential in this technological age, it’s a time-saver, money saver, and effective method of capturing new customers and driving an increase in sales. It has been proven to help increase sales more so than other online advertising methods.

A study conducted in Sweden in 2012 found that drivers spend significantly longer looking at the digital billboards they pass than traditional billboards.

Not only is viewership higher, viewers often remember those companies/products/services more. Recently it was found that 55% of people could recall the specific message displayed.

This study also states that 71% of people believe that digital signs stand out more than online advertising, and 46% believe the same in regard to television.

3 Tips for DOOH Campaigns

There are very few things new users can do wrong. These quick tips can keep businesses on the right track:

  • Too much motion – Motion distracts from the main message, keep it subtle and to a minimum.

  • Place a “call-to-action” on every screen – Calls-to-action encourages consumers to act quickly and improves the likelihood of impulse buying.

  • Keep it simple – Consumers are easily frustrated if the message is changing too fast or too slow. Although digital signage allows for wondrous works of art, try to keep it simple.

Digital signage may have been around for a while now, but has recently exploded in popularity, especially within Australia. It is an excellent means of increasing brand awareness and sales, with such a low barrier to entry why not start today?

Doohly's digital signage solutions offer an affordable, web-based, mobile-driven digital signage platform with ease of use at the forefront of development.

Our Doohly products are great for both new users and veterans of the industry.


What Is Digital Signage

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

What Is Digital Signage
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