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Cafe signage is not a new concept, but the need for digital out-of-home signage is now fully realized by many businesses. Coffee shops and cafes included. But you may find yourself wondering: Where should I put my new digital signage? What’s the best placement system? What should each screen display?

Doohly digital signage in park
  • If you’re unsure of what we mean by digital signage, you can learn more about it here.

  • In essence, digital signage is an affordable way for businesses to generate further revenue. Digital content can also be used to keep customers and staff informed.

  • There are many ways to use digital signage in your cafe or coffee shop. This post will cover a few tips to help decide the perfect placement of your new digital signage.

  • Cafes and coffee shops have a variety of places to position digital signage, but it comes down to what content you plan on displaying.

  • Thanks to Doohly, you are able to update and create content from any device at any time.

Digital signage can provide a way for you to create a memorable and unique experience for customers. The key to this is the correct placement of the screens. Simply putting them at the register won’t net the results you’re looking for, instead, you’ll need to be a little bit more creative.

5 Placement Tips For Cafe Digital Signage

1. Facing The Street

If your cafe or coffee shop is on the street, it has access to large amounts of foot traffic. We recommend putting at least one of your new digital screens facing the street. This will be similar to your current metal A-frame sidewalk sign.

This display could show a range of content, but will primarily be used to distinguish your cafe from those in the surrounding area. You want your cafe's digital signage to be eye-catching and encourage potential customers to walk in and place their orders. This is people’s first impression of your business and you want it to show personality.

2. On A Pillar Or Wall

After your new customer has walked in thanks to your street-facing screen you now have to keep them enticed long enough to place an order. To do this you could set up digital signage on the wall or pillar they will be waiting near.

The content you display here is really up to you and what would fit the business' perceived culture. For example, if you are a local gathering place you could showcase staff achievements or community projects you are involved with. If you are a specialty barista you could use videos to showcase your process, this screen is to keep customers entertained and relieve the stress of waiting in line.

3. As A Kiosk

This option is for more tech-savvy operators and larger stores as it requires slightly more space. If you are able to, you could set up self-serve kiosks in your cafe to allow customers to order their coffee or food. This not only frees up staff to allow them to do other duties but provides customers with an alternative ordering experience.

4. At The Register

Now, we know we said not to just throw a screen up at the register and expect results to happen like that. But when combined with other digital signage putting a screen behind or in front of the register can be beneficial.

This screen’s primary purpose is to be informative to customers and should showcase things such as; the menu, promotions, deals, and even recommendations. This is what has become known as a digital menu board, and is becoming increasingly popular in not only big chain restaurants like McDonalds, but also in local coffee places.

5. In Staff Areas

Cafe digital signage isn’t just limited to customers. You can use digital signage in staff areas such as break rooms to help keep your staff informed. From safety campaigns to displaying their rosters and schedules. If your staff knows when and where to be, along with correct procedures, you can focus on great customer service.

Realistically, cafe digital signage can be placed anywhere with access to power and the internet. You can use your new digital signage to not only display information about your business but also sell this screen inventory as an advertising platform to advertising companies.

Now that you’ve decided where to put your digital signage, you’ll need a way to upload and manage content. This is where Doohly comes in. Doohly enables you to upload and manage your digital signage from any device, at any time.


5 Tips For Placing Your Digital Signage In Cafes

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

5 Tips For Placing Your Digital Signage In Cafes
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