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Digital signage in the retail environment is not a new idea, but the way in which it is used is constantly evolving. Here are some ways to improve your retail sales with digital signage with the simple and easy to use Doohly.

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Advertise Products

One way you can drive sales through digital signage in the retail environment is via advertising at the entrance. Potential customers are walking past all hours of the day, showcasing digital advertisements will entice people to enter your store.

These advertisements should be more casual, lifestyle-based, people wearing the clothing you sell or children playing with the toys. It shouldn’t feel “forced” with pricing and deals, and should instead contain a small amount of motion with little text.

The content played on the digital signage needs to be relevant to your market, and updated consistently. Products being showcased to entice these viewers need to be in stock and readily available to convert them to customers.

Incorporate Social Media Campaigns In-Store

Another to improve sales through digital signage is to incorporate your social media campaigns in-store. There are many ways to do this from simply showing your social posts, to incorporating marketing campaigns around it. When incorporating these campaigns with your digital signage, it is important to ensure that your content is relevant and up to date. There is no point in having social media campaigns playing if they are only available through your online platform.

One of the key features of combining social media and digital signage is that you can control what is displayed. Thanks to this you can remove outside competition and ensure that your potential customers only see your social media content.

Using digital signage to promote and incorporate your social media platforms can help drive sales as customers can see how the product has helped others via reviews and posts. Using this social proof encourages customers to make purchases and further recommend the product to others.

One easy way to use digital signage to incorporate social media campaigns is to showcase your brand’s story. With digital signage, retail brand’s are able to explore and show how they came to be and their processes. By including potential customers in the storytelling experience they feel more connected and understand the brand’s personality in more detail. When these customers feel as if they’re a part of the story and are more connected, they are more likely to support the brand. This support can be through social proof and word of mouth, or through spending.

Catalogue And Show Stock Quantities (And Locations)

This method is more advanced and will require more technical knowledge, it will also only help larger retailers. The way this method would work is through interactive digital signage that allows users to search. The customers would search for the product they are after using something like an SKU number and be directed to its location within the store.

This could also list how much stock the system is aware of to ensure a better experience for customers. We’ve seen this in place at furniture retailer Ikea, in the centre of the warehouse section they have a computer to search for the location of specific items. This could very well be replaced with a more modern and sleek digital signage solution but the idea has lots of potential.


Perhaps one of the oldest sales drivers in history, upselling, can also be achieved through the use of digital signage. One of the simplest methods to increase sales through digital signage is to have content playing that reminds customers of impulse or add on items. For example, you can install digital signage at the exit/register and remind customers of mints, chocolates, batteries and gift cards. Being at eye level, and changing regularly enough for customers to pay attention, digital signage goes hand in hand with this last-minute add on sales.

There are many other ways that digital signage can be incorporated into your retail business to drive sales. There are also a number of other reasons for using digital signage such as keeping staff informed, keeping customers entertained and sharing product information. The beauty of digital signage is its ease of use and accessibility, meaning you can control and make changes as needed.

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If you think digital signage is a good fit for your business or would like some more information, contact our sales team here.


How Digital Signage Can Improve Retail Sales

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

How Digital Signage Can Improve Retail Sales
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