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To answer this question as quickly as possible, the answer is yes, yes it can.

However, we want to provide a little more insight into how digital signage can save your business time and money whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

A digital signage solution can help you communicate more effectively with prospective clients and customers, and increase employee and customer engagement, without costing you extra money.

Saving money with digital signage

Many businesses have found that digital signage advertising is an efficient way to communicate and save time and money.

When you have a business to run, especially during the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic, every dollar counts for the success and growth of your business.

There is a lot of technology available that can help you in the long term, such as digital signage.

Business owners are constantly meeting challenges on a daily basis so implementing processes to mitigate the risk of these challenges is important.

As workplace transformation and employee satisfaction become more important, business owners are looking for ways to adapt while still maximizing profit and efficiency.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses, but digital signage can definitely help businesses adapt to the new normal.

In addition to increasing sales, revenue & profit, as well as the customer's experience, digital signage will almost certainly help you further understand how it can improve internal efficiencies.

When a digital signage solution is implemented efficiently and effectively, display screens can save you time and money. But the question is how?

Going paperless with laptop

Time to Go Paperless

Digital signage is more than capable of enhancing communication strategies across a number of internal and external platforms.

For example, more traditional means of workplace communication such as emails, Slack, etc, and the use of documentation is now being replaced.

Going paperless is now considered the norm as it not only helps the environment but, just as important, it saves plenty of time and money.

Investing and installing a digital screen in your workplace will only enhance how you as a business owner or manager distribute information and engage with your employees and colleagues.

When an effective, smart digital signage solution is implemented correctly, the days of printing leaflets as a way to communicate internally & externally are well and truly over.

To begin with, not only was this a heavy financial resource and burden, but you would also dedicate other resources to distribute these physical communication materials.

Enter display screens powered by digital signage software. You can easily display all your important content & information in a matter of seconds utilising a cost-effective content management system.

Updating your website can be easy, ensuring that your time and money are allocated elsewhere. You can continue communicating effectively to your clients and staff.

Reducing Printing Costs

If you are currently running billboard or print advertising for your business, first of all - you need to stop because we both know just how expensive it can be.

In addition to its high costs, it takes time to install and change content, as well as print new signage when it comes to changing it. Unlike cloud-based digital display content.

So, what actually happens when you go all-in on digital signs as a solution for your business advertising?

When you start using signage networks, you will never have to worry about printing your signs or changing them when you need to. You'll basically save time and money from the second you launch your content.

Once launched from your content management system, your digital signage content can be controlled from your preferred device.

Not only will this significantly reduce your overall advertising costs, but it can enable you to reach your ideal customers or your employees through a single screen or multiple screens.

When it comes to your employees, this is an effective way to engage them and keep them engaged.

Engaged employees

Employee Engagement

Each year, businesses are suffering significant revenue losses due to a lack of employee engagement. It might seem like it's something that is easy to achieve, but creating a positive culture where employees feel welcomed and wanted can be difficult.

And if this difficult task isn't solved then it can cost a business such as your a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, money.

One way to retain employees and keep them engaged for the long term is through the use of digital signage content.

This will ensure that information can flow freely from management through to other departments within your business.

Digital signage can save your business time and money on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


Engaging in the use of technology, such as digital signage content, in the workplace can save time and money in the long run.

Best of all, it's not nearly as costly as you might think. With an effective digital signage player in place, paired with a content management system, employee engagement & productivity will gradually improve.


Digital Signage: Can it Save You Time & Money?

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

Digital Signage: Can it Save You Time & Money?
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