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Without wanting to state the obvious, shopping centres are a hive for foot traffic and therefore a perfect location for digital signage as an advertising solution.

While it may seem like shopping centres and their various retail stores have been using digital display screens for quite some time, it’s great to see many more businesses jump on this channel as a way to drive revenue and strategic messages for their store inside the centre.

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We believe that the best digital signage solutions for retail stores and shopping centres, in general, are dynamic & flexible. This allows retail businesses of all sizes to make changes and update content easily which ensures it’s always up-to-date.

Without a doubt, digital signage is an affordable solution that will not only help save time and money but is more beneficial in comparison to traditional forms of advertising such as static billboards and signs.

This blog article will explore the possibilities available with digital signage in shopping centres, the various benefits, and how you can use them to your advantage at various stages of the sales funnel.

A Variety of Possibilities

Retail digital signage in stores and shopping centres can be customised for your audience. High-quality content paired with eye-catching media can be incredibly effective in easily acquiring engagement and driving awareness for your store or product.

Furthermore, it can be just as effective in producing new impulse purchases. Other examples include:

  • In-store wayfinding

  • General advertising

  • Promotions

  • Brand awareness

  • Enhancing customer experiences

  • General entertainment

These are just some of the examples of what’s on offer when implementing digital signage as an advertising solution in a shopping centre.

An Overall Better Shopping Experience

Strategically placing digital signs at high foot traffic locations throughout a shopping centre will ultimately result in an overall better, and unique, shopping experience.

Everything from welcoming shoppers to the centre to advertising relevant news & promotions will go a long way to contributing to this better experience.

Furthermore, you can incorporate your social media feeds into your digital content displays which encourage customers to not only follow your various pages but prompt them to create content themselves on platforms such as Instagram where you can further increase your online presence.

So while we would view digital signage advertising as a far more effective form of advertising versus other channels & platforms, this example alone clearly shows how it can be used to fuel online growth.

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Four Advantages of Retail Digital Signage

By creating a digital signage strategy for your shopping centre, you are putting your business, and the stores in your shopping centre, in a great position to drive awareness, engagement and conversions.

The four main advantages of implementing this type of strategy are:

  1. Immediately capture the attention of shoppers using a variety of high-quality digital signage content such as videos, HD animated messages, and live news. Using various creative content platforms such as Canva, you’re able to display the right message at the right time & place and influence consumer behaviour.

  2. Turn your digital screens into self-service information displays & kiosks to drive customer engagement & awareness for stores in your centre

  3. Create a seamless shopping experience by helping customers find their way around your centre with ease. Don’t forget to include on-demand customer information that will contribute to this experience.

  4. Take your content strategy a step further and engage your customers with interactive digital content that is memorable and has a call-to-action i.e. a sale or a promotion at a retail store.


If your shopping centre has yet to get on board with an effective digital signage solutions strategy, it’s far from too late to do so.

Taking advantage of this cost-effective advertising platform will not only create the desired awareness & engagement for your shopping centre, but it can also contribute to driving conversions for the various stores that exist within your shopping centre.

If you manage a shopping centre and are looking for unique and effective ways to drive further awareness, engagement, and conversions within the centre, get in touch with us to discuss your digital signage solution for your business.


How To Effectively Use Digital Signage In Shopping Centres

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

How To Effectively Use Digital Signage In Shopping Centres
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