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Retailtainment is the combination of retail and entertainment. What retailtainment defines though, is a mix of branding and marketing that is used in physical spaces - in particular, retail stores.

These retailtainment activations can range from expensive and extravagant to simple and practical. No matter the activation type, smart digital signage solutions are becoming more and more common for retailtainment.

Digital signage displays and outdoor digital signage are becoming key components of retailtainment activations. By incorporating these platforms, the effectiveness of the activation is much greater.

It’s important to note that the success of these activations is generally measured in an increase in brand awareness, brand health, and brand uplift.

Shopping mall retailtainment

Enhancing Retailtainment - Attracting More Customers

One of the many things that retailtainment and smart digital signage solutions have in common is their show-stopping ability and “wow factor”. People see a pop-up event or digital sign and stop to investigate and find out more.

A retailtainment campaign is focused on branding and attracting more customers. Getting people to stop and enter the shopping environment creates more customers.

To make these activations more effective, brands could implement digital signage in a similar way to retailers. This includes things like external data triggers and dynamic content.

By combining more traditional retailtainment activations with smart digital signage solutions, brands will be able to elevate themselves and stand out. With standing out, there is more interest, and this interest can be nurtured and converted into long-term, paying displays.

Retailtainment - STORY @ Macy's

Enhancing Retailtainment - Creating Brand-Building Experiences

As outlined above, the primary reason for deploying these retailtainment activations is to boost brand image - the way audiences feel about a particular brand.

Creating brand-building customer experiences to boost a brand's image is a form of art. It involves understanding both your current & prospective customers, along with the demographic of the audience in the physical area.

These retailtainment activations can be anything from a large booth with product giveaways and competitions in a shopping centre/mall, to something like an interactive kiosk.

If you're planning a retailtainment activation, keep in mind that the venue owners are only responsible for small-scale, permanent digital signage.

If you plan on making use of a larger activation, you’ll likely be required to provide your own digital signage infrastructure.

Adding digital signs to experiential marketing campaigns can amplify their effectiveness, delivering greater brand lift.

Digital signage and smart signage solutions offer affordable and unique ways to engage visitors and leave a lasting impression. This technology is useful for not only displaying images and video but also dynamic and interactive content.

Retailtainment Example

Enhancing Retailtainment - Provide an Interactive Element

Many shopping centres and malls use smart digital signage solutions to create an interactive experience for shoppers.

These devices can be used for a variety of purposes, including providing information and entertainment.

Shopping centres/malls are aware that people may be waiting to access certain stores or be helped by a staff member.

When people are left waiting, they may become frustrated. However, if there is something to keep them occupied, they are less likely to become frustrated.

By keeping customers engaged, they are less likely to take their frustration out on employees, and will likely have a greater shopping experience.

One of the most common methods of outdoor digital signage used in this type of retailtainment is videowalls. Video walls leave a great first impression and can even help gain more customers with their ability to grab people's attention.

Examples of Retailtainment Activations

Digital signage can be extremely effective in enhancing retailtainment experiences. Seeing them in action can be even more impactful.

The first example of a retailtainment activation is by one of the world's biggest pop-culture brands, the Avengers by Marvel. They’ve built and deployed what is known as the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

This is an extreme example of what can be done and you could argue that this is more of a museum or theme park attraction. Whilst you can buy a few different merchandise items, the main goal of this activation is to reinforce the Avengers brand.

These devices can provide customers with information about the weather, local news, directions, and entertainment.

(If you’re interested, here is a ~20-minute video by Austin Medz giving a full tour of the activation)

Another example of more traditional retailtainment is the Myer Christmas Window. Every year the Myer store on Burke Street in Melbourne creates a unique and inspiring Christmas-themed digital display.

The store's Christmas window is clearly visible and encourages people to come in for some last-minute shopping, even from the outer suburbs.

If you’re interested in adding digital signage to your retailtainment activation, reach out to the team at Doohly, we’d be more than happy to give you relevant information and help you get started.


Retailtainment: Digital Signage & Retail Experiences

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

Retailtainment: Digital Signage & Retail Experiences
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