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As the old saying goes: “you never get a second chance to make a good impression”, and the same can be said of digital signage content. Especially video display walls.

They’re intended to make a strong first impression as most organisations will place them in a place of prominence i.e. a hotel lobby to give it that real “wow factor”.

And when you think of them, you always think of them as large, engaging screens.

How They Look

The first thing to say about video walls is that they are big digital display screens. And we mean really big. As they should be.

We believe that a standard 4x4 matrix in a large open space is a waste of good marketing and ultimately loses its effect.

Conversely, a large digital video wall that covers an entire wall in a small room would be too overwhelming.

In short, you want to ensure the size and configuration of the digital screen is appropriate for the space that it will occupy.

The priorities here are the ambience, layout, and physical dimensions of the space, which will all ultimately guide you toward choosing the right size for the video wall.

One aspect of the screen that many don’t consider is the shape and you might consider a non-rectangular configuration.

These can be in any pattern or shape that you like, and some even have angled displays that offer maximum flexibility.

Furthermore, you can even mix and match digital display screens of different sizes and aspect ratios giving you plenty of variety.

Many companies that choose to implement digital signs as a way to market their business do so with video walls that use transparent displays.

Another consideration is the brightness - you don’t want it too bright. You want to surprise and delight your audience, not overwhelm them to the point that they can’t see.

Also, the bigger and brighter the screen, the more heat that it emits and thus makes it more of an inconvenience than anything else.

There are some digital display screens that come with integrated cooling fans so you don’t cook your audience while they are engaging with your high-quality content.

Speaking of content - for us, it’s absolutely everything. Be mindful of the sort of content that you’re going to show and what the overall impression and goals you are trying to achieve.

For instance, will you be using it for brand awareness? As a digital advertising screen? Or to drive sales? These are all considerations for when you’re deciding which display screens and configurations you’ll choose for your video wall.

Attention is Everything

While the size of the screen will certainly draw them in, displaying high-quality digital signage content is what will keep them there for longer.

It’s worth noting that more screen space doesn’t mean you should display a screen with plenty of text. Unfortunately, that would be an ineffective way of marketing.

There are many elements that are considered best practice for digital signage content including the 3 x 5 rule (3 lines of text, 5 words or less), colours that complement each other, motion and animation, and more.

Video wall screens will always offer a unique opportunity to display your digital signage content. So, depending on your digital signage software, you can have all your videos acting on one large screen and maximising your ability to advertise your business.

Guiding Your Audience

Now that you have your audience’s attention you need to be able to guide them to act on your desired goal; whatever that might be.

Use each digital signage display as an opportunity to guide them through your store and explain to them what they can expect next.

Your video wall is essentially like a virtual concierge greeting people and informing them of their in-store options.

One digital signage metric to consider here is dwell time. People in a lobby are continually passing through and might need a moment or two to adapt to their surroundings, but will then ultimately move to their destination.

Conversely, in areas where people spend more time, you’ll want to ensure that your digital signage content is more detailed to ensure they are engaged for longer.

Thus, you can measure dwell time accordingly and the overall effectiveness of your digital advertising screen.

Finally, we would consider making your digital display screens as interactive as possible, so people are able to find what they need immediately.

Or use your digital screens to guide them to another section of your hotel, for example, where they can book themselves in for a tour or a restaurant or cafe located within the hotel.

Whether you’re a hotel, cafe, restaurant, hospital or other organisation, video walls can be an incredible value-add to your communication with your staff and customers.

Consider the wide range of possibilities that video walls holds, and then begin planning the best way to communicate your digital signage content to maximise impact.

To find out how your business can maximise your video wall with cloud-based digital signage solutions, please get in touch with us at Doohly.


Video Walls Will Always Make a Good First Impression

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

Video Walls Will Always Make a Good First Impression
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