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Media owners are the network operators of outdoor digital signs that can be seen in a range of different environments.

These media owners are uniquely positioned to help local non-profit organisations reach a large and diverse audience.

Many of these network operators have started to do this through a range of initiatives, all aimed at helping out these critical organisations.

LUMO Digital NZ Billboard
LUMO Digital Supporting Have One For Hospo

What Can Media Owners Do To Help

There are a number of ways that these network operators assist their local community organisations. Two of the most common are by donating their services and helping connect non-profits with creative agencies.

Free/discounted use of digital advertising screens is an excellent way for these network operators to support these non-profit organisations.

This outdoor digital signage access enables non-profit organisations to reach audiences through unblockable, highly visible content, powered by a CMS like Doohly.

Generally speaking, digital signs are erected in highly visible locations such as along the road or as part of street furniture.

As we’ve outlined before, digital signs are hard to miss and work as an excellent tool for marketers.

These channels work best when combined with high-quality content. Content that can be provided by the media owners' creative agency contacts.

Whilst free tools like Canva exist, making use of professional content creators and designers will elevate content to the next level.

By introducing and partnering with creative agencies and non-profit organisations, media owners help provide a service that may normally be out of reach.

These creative agencies are able to create unique and high-quality content that helps non-profit organisations get their message across.

Creative agencies can help non-profits achieve their marketing goals, but they can be costly and difficult to access.

The best outdoor digital signage content is high quality, simple, and easy to understand and creative agencies are masters at designing this sort of content for digital advertising screens.

Marketing channels illustration

Benefits for Non-Profit Organisations

By providing access to these services the media owners enable non-profit organisations to take advantage of marketing channels and content providers they usually may not have access to.

A recent example of this is when LUMO Outdoor Digital and Canva partnered to deploy their “Billboards For Good” initiative.

These are expensive services and providing a discount or even covering the entire cost is incredibly generous and can have a much larger impact than media owners may realise.

As we’ve said previously, digital advertising screens provide a huge reach and access to viewers/audiences that are similar.

By providing non-profits with access to outdoor digital signage and key demographic data, media owners can advise organisations on the best locations to run their marketing content.

This increase in visibility is extremely beneficial for non-profit organizations, as it allows them to reach audiences who are more likely to be supportive of their cause.

Similar to other brands and companies, non-profit organisations will be able to reach potential audiences that they typically may not.

Outdoor digital screens are impossible to block, meaning those who routinely use adblockers online and likely don’t see ads on social media or video services will see these digital signs.

Digital signage audience

Impact On Audience

Outdoor signage has a range of impacts on viewers/audiences, and that’s no different for non-profits making use of the channel.

One of the biggest benefits of using digital advertising screens is to build brand recognition. By making use of this medium brands can reliably boost awareness by over 47%, something that may be unachievable with other channels.

Bringing awareness to the brand is one thing, and many charity-based non-profit organisations simply want to increase awareness of the issue they’re trying to fund/solve.

Not only does digital signage achieve this by building awareness, but recall is also increased, sometimes as much as 83% which is more than double that of other traditional advertising means.

Potentially the most important impact on viewers is that they are called to action via dynamic message. Messaging is most impactful when people can make a decision/take action immediately, such as visiting a website or scanning a QR code to donate or learn more.

Providing non-profit organisations with access to creative agencies and the use of outdoor digital signage is beneficial to both the media owner and the non-profit organisation.

The non-profit organization gets access to tools and resources that they might not have otherwise, and the media owner builds their brand reputation in a positive way within their community.

All in all, by helping the local community and supporting non-profit organisations, everyone impacted and involved in digital signage benefits.

If you’re starting your digital signage journey and after some more information, feel free to contact us today to learn more, or read some of our related articles down below.


Media Owners & Local Non-Profits

22 August 2023 at 1:21:46 am

Media Owners & Local Non-Profits
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